I’m glad to be able to announce that this will be the tribute site for Aqua Teen Hunger Force. For those too young to remember, back in 2002 we started a fansite called Aqua Teen Central, which provided both news and info as well as multimedia content (video, images, episode guides, etc.) to all fans of ATHF. Eventually the site grew into [adult swim] central, which as of this past year became part of Agents of Geek. Remnants of the original Aqua Teen Central sites can still be found, thanks to Archive.org.

This website/fansite/tribute site/etc. is has been set of both as a way to say thanks to the creators, cast, and crew, for giving us such an amazing, out there show, as well as the fans who have dedicated parts of their fandom to the Hunger Force.

If you have fond memories of past ATHF experiences… art you drew, maybe someone you met at a convention, etc. feel free to send them to us here, to our Flickr Pool, or through our email: athfforever at adultswimcentral.com. I also encourage everyone to use hashtags like #athf4ever and #thankyoumattanddave whenever you can to build on this tribute.

Thank you for your support.


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